Writing is my passion and I have four books currently available,
ranging across the genres from adventure to romance and drama to science fiction.
Link to their various web pages by clicking on the titles below

Child of the Grail (389 pages) - In this adventurous science fiction tale, a small group of friends and lovers battles to save the human race.

Mickey and Angie (373 pages) - What begins as a story of young love won and then lost, ends in a passionate killing and a dramatic courtroom struggle for justice.

For Love and Glory (233 pages) - Can a widowed Hollywood superstar and a simple farm woman find love? They can if his three young daughters have anything to say about it.

The Meddlesome Priest (221 pages) - A troubled man of the cloth crosses many lines to help abused women and children in this novel of righteous passion and illicit love.


Contact me at mike_perry@hotmail.com (mike_perry)


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