Cross your heart and hope to die and maybe cross your fingers too, just in case. Then say a prayer and bring a gun . . .

When the three cousins, Jack, Janine and Tommy, decide to attempt a rescue of their friend Karen from the dark island, they expect the worst. "From what we know, it could be demons or it could be aliens," Jack says, loading his backpack with—among other things—guns, dynamite, holy water and a Bible. Kansas farm wife Mildred Basford is the first to see the truth. "I think," she tells her young companions, "it may be both."

Child of the Grail is an adventurous and thrilling tale of good versus evil on an apocalyptic scale, and of the courage of the weak against the seemingly unassailable tyranny of the strong. But it's also, on a more basic level, a story of romance and humor, tragedy and triumph, and that essence of humanity . . . love.


Comments from readers . .

"I'm really enjoying your book. It's a bit scary, but I like it! And the romance and mystery are just the best!" - Megan (Ontario)

"I enjoyed Child of the Grail . . . scary in places . . ." - Genny (Kentucky)

". . . a very exciting finish!" - Frank (Nova Scotia)

"WELL!!!! I just finished your book Mike. And all I can say is , 'When is the next one coming out????' Enjoyed it immensely. Thank You!!" - Jane (Nova Scotia)

"Wow, Mike that was quite a book! I really enjoyed it. You have a great imagination. Towards the end I couldn't put it down." -Mary (Prince Edward Island)

"Just finished reading your book. I really enjoyed it. Cannot wait for the next one." - (Paulette, Newfoundland)

"I am thoroughly enjoying your book. You are very talented with your words and your knowledge of history. I am on Chapter 18 and the plot is thickening and coming together. Can't wait to get to the next Chapter!" - (Mary, British Columbia)

". . . reading your book! I love it so far! I just ordered two more for my two sisters!" - Kimmie (Alberta)

After more than three decades practicing law in courts from the Yukon to Newfoundland, author Mike David Perry has moved on to a long-postponed writing career. Child of the Grail is his first novel. He now resides in Vancouver.

One blustery day, I found myself standing on a Newfoundland headland staring out to sea at a distant and menacing-looking island.

I began to imagine what might be going on there at that very moment, perhaps even underground in a series of tunnels beneath the tall cliffs that girded the island. If those cliffs were impassable and the terrain too hilly for even a chopper to set down, I thought to myself, things could be going on there that nobody in the whole wide world knows about. Could be aliens! Could even be demons! Beautiful women held captive! Plans for world domination! Evil! Violence! Widespread death and destruction!

Well, suffice to say, Child of the Grail was born. After several months of ruminations, I began to write. Characters kept popping up and wanting in. Nice characters. The kind you wouldn't like to kill. But might have to . . .

--- Mike David Perry, February, 2011

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