Some Reader comments:

"I loved it. I was so taken with the novel I had to finish the last 40 pages yesterday morning . . . I shed a few (quite a few) tears toward the end . . ."
- Dave, Vancouver

"FREAKIN LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! Please tell me you have another book in the works!!!!!!"
- Jane, Halifax

"From laughing out loud to having tears in my eyes to sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation, this was by far my favorite novel of the year!"
Megan, Toronto

"I couldn't put it down until I had it finished. Great job!"
- Rozlie, Port-au-Port, NL

"I just loved this book! Its romance, comedy, adventure, courtroom drama and just so much more all rolled into one amazing read! You see these characters grow up, from young children to adults, and build a strong connection to them as if you’ve known them your whole life."
Megan, Oshawa


"Finished your book. Loved, loved, loved it. It would make a great movie. Can not wait for the next one." -
- Paulette, Stephenville, NL

"I read it in two days and I just loved it!" - Mary, Surrey, BC

The exciting new novel by Mike David Perry

Part romance, part adventure and part courtroom drama, Mickey and Angie will have you rooting for young love like never before!

Mickey Peters is a top scholar and athlete with self-esteem issues. Angie Archambault is pampered, privileged and just a little proud. Despite Mickey's secret love for Angie and her curiosity about his brooding shyness, it seems they will never connect. Then an ex-boyfriend turns violent, Mickey comes to the rescue, and love blooms!

Two years later, events occur that drive the young lovers apart. Mickey leaves in search of a future without Angie, but aches for her every moment of every day. Angie enters a loveless marriage to a powerful politician, serving lifelong penance for what she sees as her great sin of destroying the sweet young love she shared with Mickey.

Fifteen years after they break up, unforeseen tragedy enters Angie's life. Mickey rushes home to face an impossible legal battle and to attempt to rekindle the young love he thought was lost forever.


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